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LATN: Meeting the Language Needs of Globalized Nations

We are an Atlanta-based linguistics company that was founded in 1995 by individuals who recognized the world was on the brink of irrevocable change. Globalization was taking hold and countries were integrating trade and finances as well as people at unprecedented rates.

LATN was launched in response to a need in the Atlanta, Georgia, area to facilitate communication in its evolving international communities. Our name, LATN, was initially an acronym meaning Latin American Translator’s Network – because we got our start by focusing on Spanish translation. Today, the LATN name is simply a branding identifier, representative of our widening range of language services.

Using advanced technology and drawing on more than 22 years of experience, we offer around-the-clock language services globally in more than 140 spoken languages, including six Sign Language modalities.

What’s “The LATN Difference”?

Today, LATN is a leading U.S.-based language service provider. We serve clients across all walks of life and work – individuals, businesses, industries, the scientific community, telecommunications, academia, healthcare, government, judicial entities, and many non-profit and for-profit agencies and organizations.

Significantly, 90 percent of the customers we began serving 22 years ago are still clients today. We attribute our success to core values, which we refer to simply as “The LATN Difference.” These are discussed below.

Core Value One: We have a customer-centric culture. That is, we put you and your goals at the heart of all our interactions. In today’s world, long-established, inflexible processes often take precedence over helping clients to accomplish goals. At LATN, all your linguistics tasks begin with direct communication with us – real people answer the phone – and continue with individualized, flexible service directed at meeting your communication needs. We’re always willing to alter established procedures – even our own internal processes – to make your efforts to deliver effective communication and equal access easier. We feel that we succeed only when you do. It’s as simple as that.

Core Value Two: We require strict consistency of quality on every assignment. Our high level of quality assurance begins with the professionalism and talents of our interpreters and translators and continues with our ability to strategically match the best-suited linguist to each specific assignment. Over the last two decades, we’ve compiled a roster of more than 1,000 qualified linguists who live around the world. These individuals must meet a list of criteria (i.e., a criminal background check) and pass our own rigorous interview and internal training program before they are LATN qualified. Many of our linguists hold national and/or state certifications in conference, medical or legal interpreting. Many of our translators are certified through the American Translators Association.

Core Value Three: We believe in community involvement. At LATN, we’re committed to contributing to society by demonstrating corporate social responsibility. We regularly donate time and interpreting services locally, such as at health fairs and public events, and often provide free public education related to language access issues. LATN also supports the work of industry organizations (such as assisting with Medical Interpreter Network of Georgia meetings) and strives to initiate positive change by developing innovative programming related to industry issues.


Our Services

Key LATN Factors

  • 22+ years’ experience
  • Timely 24/7 service in more than 140 languages
  • Customer-centered; personalized, flexible language solutions
  • Over 1,000 quality interpreters and translators worldwide
  • High-tech, reliable on-site, phone and video remote servicing (computers, smart phones, tablets)
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Highest industry standards of practice and codes of ethics
  • Primary languages services provider for the State of Georgia
  • 90 percent of LATN’s original clientele remain customers


Call 1.800.943.LATN any time of day or night (year-round) – to discuss your language services needs.

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