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Software Localization: Helping You Reach Global Markets

With digital media so dominant today, it is increasingly important that companies adapt their software products for easy user interface in different locations and cultures. Doing so is simply good business in terms of broadening your customer base and reaching new markets.

LATN has teams of highly skilled software professionals and linguists (130 languages) located around the globe that work together to provide this service.

Common Steps in Software Adaptations:

  • User Interface localization
  • Translation of text strings within the software
  • Localization of software help systems
  • Assistance with program development
  • Testing of software and applications
  • Translation of printed documentation

Internationalizing software involves “localization” – the process of adapting and translating content for use in specific locations – and the expertise of technical experts, such as project managers, software engineers and technicians, and computer programmers. LATN has the in-country linguistic talent and engineering capabilities companies need for adapting their software for sale in international markets. We take care of everything from initial planning through testing and final release.

What Takes Place in LATN Software Adaptations

Adapting software for easy user interface in a different country is complex and involves a number of steps. These include separating text from code; integrating local standards, such as date, time and currency; and entering Unicode or other character encoding standards for input storage and display for the target locale. In addition, the software’s auxiliary components, such as online help systems and printed or electronic documentation, should also undergo localization.

When doing repeated adaptations for clients, we often create a translation memory or database to ensure that text used repeatedly in the software is always translated the same way. This ensures consistency across future adaptations and reduces costs.

LATN always applies best practices and will deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

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