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Localization: Effectively Reaching Target Audiences

Truly want a translation to “speak” to your audience? Then communicate as though your message originated inside your target audience’s culture.

LATN provides localization services, going beyond simple idiomatic language translation to accurate reflection of a target location’s culture and local look-and-feel. For example, a well-translated localization would correctly reference such details as time zone, currency, local national holidays, color sensitivities, product or service names, gender roles or geographic locations. A well-done localization would make it appear as though your service or products originated within the targeted local culture.

LATN works with thousands of language professionals in over 130 languages, who have experience in localizing content for a variety of communication media (see list below). We believe applying localization – whether for print, online or multimedia projects – is a good business strategy and gives clients a distinct edge over their competitors.

Types of Projects Commonly Requiring Localization

  • Digital and hard-copy documents (desktop publishing, user guides, operational instructions, all types of marketing materials)
  • Websites (corporate intranet, e-commerce, brand showcase, informational)
  • Other internet communications (mobile applications, social media, e-learning)
  • Computer software
  • Multimedia materials and products (tutorial videos, animated graphics, PowerPoint presentations, marketing demos, educational systems).

How LATN Handles Localizations

Our goal with each localization project is to always involve the language professionals with the most thorough knowledge of the targeted location, its language and people. In order to accomplish this, our project managers scour through LATN’s roster of professional linguists to determine which one is most qualified for the job. Once a translator is matched and the translation and localization begin, our project manager will also involve additional experts living in or near the targeted area who review the localized content and confirm that all the cultural subtleties are in place.

Through localization, LATN language professionals strategically translate your message so that it is clear, concise, and culturally relevant to your target audience.


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