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The Process: LATN’s Quality Assurance at Work

LATN is known in the industry for delivering meticulous and accurate translations – due largely to the skill of our translators and a successful three-step process that has been developed over our 20-year history. The process, outlined below, assures that each client receives the best possible service.

Step One: Translation
Upon receiving a request, LATN appoints a project manager who develops a timeline and a cost estimate, which are sent to the client. Once these items are approved, the manager analyzes the source information and chooses LATN translators whose skills and qualifications best match the scope and subject matter of the project. At this point, a glossary may be created to assure terminology is consistent throughout the process.

Step Two: Editing
After translation is completed, the project is edited by a qualified, experienced linguist who determines if the result matches content in the source document and if accurate terminology is used. All editor comments and changes are then submitted to the project manager for approval.

Step Three: Proofreading
The edited translation is then proofread by in-house experts for consistency and, once again, compared to the source document for accuracy of message. If requested, the document will also be formatted according to client needs and specifications.

In step three, the proofreader uses the following check list to determine that

  • The layout matches the source language document.
  • Correct fonts have been used.
  • Headers and footers are consistent with the source document.
  • Proper names are spelled correctly.
  • Pagination matches the source document, and text flows correctly.
  • All source language updates have been incorporated.
  • Margins, graphics and positioning are correct.

The project manager then delivers your completed translation via your preferred method.


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