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LATN: Meeting Language Needs to Further Success

With globalization expanding and constant interaction possible due to advanced technology, companies and organizations have more opportunities than ever before to reach new populations and markets. LATN understands how challenging it is to communicate effectively with internationally diverse consumer audiences (and even diverse internal staffs).

Often organizations view communicating in native languages as a key component to success but simply don’t understand what steps to take.

LATN offers consulting services to help you determine the status and effectiveness of your existing communications methods and if they’re adequate for reaching desired goals. We don’t have to be your language services provider. We only seek to evaluate your current position and suggest plans or actions that will assure effective language access.

Available 24/7/365, we’re flexible and gladly assess existing globalization strategies to determine which approaches – such as localization or transcreation – can help you reach targeted countries and audiences.

  • Flexible, as-needed language services consulting
  • Will work with existing globalization strategies
  • Can optimize work of bilingual staff members
  • Unbiased assessment of communications methods
  • Provide options for reaching new populations and markets

When Clients Rely on Internal Bilingual Staff

Often, we see companies or organizations that rely on their own bilingual staff members for provision of interpreting and translation services. While this may be cost effective, the approach can also potentially undermine messaging if communications aren’t professionally rendered. In these situations, LATN can help by observing how the bilingual employee is being utilized and offering suggestions for optimizing his/her service. Our aim would be to facilitate your continued use of the bilingual employee, while also producing culturally sound communications that further goals.

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