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Quality Multimedia: LATN Does It All

Hands-on experience is the best teacher when it comes to delivery of multimedia language services. After 20 years in the business, LATN has literally done it all, including working in digital platforms such as interactive websites, video games and apps for mobile devices.

We contract professionals who are both translators (of more than 130 languages) and technical professionals. They work competently in a wide variety of fields and formats including translating content for PowerPoint presentations; localizing phone message recordings; doing voiceovers for training films, e-learning courses or audio books; and providing subtitling or captioning for commercial spots, videos and documentary films.

  • Subtitling and captioning (130 languages)
  • Voice-over and dubbing
  • Translation and professional recording of audio content
  • Audio and video transcription
  • Work in all types of communication mediums, including digital formats

We Work Across All Fields

LATN has done work for clients in virtually every arena, including government, science and technology, legal, business, industry, healthcare and education. For example, we have transcribed depositions obtained from non-English speaking individuals for legal offices and assisted in developing automated telephone response systems for government offices. We have also recorded voice-overs for publicly televised events and provided sign language interpreters for taped television promotions. LATN has the people and the expertise to meet your multimedia needs.

Types of Projects Benefiting from LATN Language Services

  • Corporate videos
  • Foreign language voice-overs and dubbing
  • Promotional and other videos
  • Any type of audio recordding
  • Radio programs and interviews
  • Television programs and movies
  • Training materials
  • Voice message recordings
  • Video recordings and games
  • Interactive websites

Do not hesitate to call 1.800.943.LATN any time of day or night for assistance with a multimedia project.