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Healthcare: Removing Barriers to Medical Success

LATN’s provision of language services (140 languages) in healthcare environments and to meet medical needs is one of our most important charges. For 22 years now, we have assisted communication for inpatient and outpatient programs, local and national hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, behavioral health centers and numerous other health-related events.

As globalization continues, interpreters and translators are being added to healthcare teams with greater regularity. The provision of effective communication between clinicians and their limited or non-English speaking and Deaf or hard of hearing patients is not only mandated by law (1964 Civil Rights Act) in the United States but is simply necessary if proper healthcare delivery and maintenance are to occur.

LATN facts

• Available 24/7/365
• Services in 140 languages
• Delivery in-person or by phone or video (where wired or wireless networks are available)

All LATN interpreters undergo LATN screening in medical interpreting, which emphasizes best practices, the Code of Ethics, and strict adherence to privacy policies mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

We assist with:

  • Medical records/history
  • Mental health evaluations
  • Surgical procedures
  • Medical appointments
  • Therapy sessions
  • Independent medical evaluations
  • Intake and discharge instruction
  • Insurance documents

Examples of LATN Healthcare Clients

  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (various hospitals and clinics)
  • DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc.
  • Emory University Hospital
  • Northside Hospital
  • Grady Hospital
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Geico Insurance

Call 1.800.943.LATN any time of day or night for assistance with your language needs.