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Transcreation: Assures Comprehension of Creative Concepts

Want your advertising and branding tools to keep their intended punch – no matter the language? Then let LATN transcreate them to ensure your correct messaging gets through.

Our transcreation specialists are not only bi- or multilingual but also multicultural and knowledgeable about how advertising and marketing are used to reach audiences. These individuals understand the importance of words in the marketplace and are adept at taking creative ideas designed for one language and recreating them for specific comprehension in another.

The first step is to determine if transcreation is appropriate. Once that is known, we will work closely with your originating creative team (whether they are inside or outside of your organization) to ensure we hit all the key elements of your marketing concept or campaign.

Types of Marketing Often Transcreated

  • Web copy
  • Taglines
  • Slogans, voiceovers
  • Headlines
  • Advertising narrative

Importance of Transcreation

Why is the comprehension of creative messaging – such as advertising campaigns – so important? Because these types of endeavors, usually commissioned to market products and services, are often some of the most highly visible and costly projects that businesses and organizations undertake. If you are a global entity attempting to reach multiple cultures, then it’s simply not good business for your marketing tools (campaigns, advertising, etc.) to be understood by only a portion of your target population while the rest grapple with awkward syntax. Transcreation takes cultural differences into account so your intended message is always correctly comprehended and appreciated.


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